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Product Design (1 Albums, 0 subcategories)
Examples of product design in CAD/CAM, 3D CAD PLM and other digital engineering tools
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Screen Shots (1 Albums, 0 subcategories)
CAD CAM CAE PLM tutorial screen shots, demos, tips and tricks
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Machinery (0 Albums, 0 subcategories)
Equipment, CNC machinery, mills, lathes, stamping presses, contour cutters, moulding, casting, forming, extruders, welders, robotics and other manufacturing machinery
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Rendering (0 Albums, 0 subcategories)
3D rendered images, raytracing, mechanical and architectural images, artwork and other computer graphics
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People and Places (0 Albums, 0 subcategories)
Snapshots, seminars, user conferences, classroom settings, images of people and places
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Vendor Products (0 Albums, 0 subcategories)
3d party vendor components for design use, standard parts, made to order, ready made design products, stock and materials, sample kits, etc
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Manufacturing (0 Albums, 0 subcategories)
CNC toolpath visualization, CAD/CAM manufacturing, manufacturing process, manufacturing tools, results and prototypes, demos etc
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For Sale (0 Albums, 0 subcategories)
Private items for sale by member, equipment, workshops, collections, PC hardware and software for CAD/CAM (legal resale), NOT FOR COMMERCIAL BUSINESS PRODUCT SALES

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